The Founding of FUMoney

No imaginary story bullshit.
Fuck You Money is what I day dream about as I believe everyone reading this does.
People are afraid of saying fuck you since there lively hood can be taken away from them for doing shit that does not make sense and which they do not want to do!
I honestly think the world would be a better place if more people could say fuck you I'm not doing that! 

70% of all FUMoney will be used for Farming rewards. 

Consider the insane APY% as a form of ICO, those who farm and hold will gain the largest stake and reward of FUM. The price of FUM will gradually decrease if farmers decide to unload, the upside potential is the reverse, if farmers hold the price of FUM will increase. You the holders will determine FUMoney's fate. 

At the end of the day I simply want everyone to have FUMoney!

Goal of FUMoney

Inspire more people to achieve financial independence by utilizing cryptocurrency as a fast track to making money and being in a position of fuck you. Your not free until you can say fuck you.

 Vision of FUMoney

To be in everyone's wallet, a visual daily reminder of what crypto represents in achieving financial freedom. The Solana ecosystem provides a platform to  do this affordably. DEX's will be the main focus in 2021.

FUMoney Tokenomics

Distribution of token via Solana Explorer button.

FUMoney will retain 30% the rest will be invested into the community


At the end of the day make sure your chasing your dreams and not just chasing money.

Know your exit before you enter.