What is FUMoney?

FUMoney is a Solana based Crypto

Solana has low transaction fees, the fastest network and is easy to use. The FUMoney token (FUM) is a tribute of what crypto currency represents. FUMoney is a Solana blockchain token that offers large rewards to early adopters to achieve being in a FU financial position. Your not financially free until you can say Fuck You!

"Find us on Atrix / Sonar / Cropper Sending Fuck You Money to all those who support. I support all those who wish to obtain a financial position of Fuck You."


How to Add a Market on Serum GUI
Sonar Market ID: 2HPLwshKLtj32rhhKpYhsmfBkSomipV1j9dBnQ4Aexv9


Earn Fuck You Money by Farming on Atrix

ATRIX allows you to Farm FUM at high APY %, Add Liquidity into the ecosystem and Yield Farm Fuck You Money every single day!

FUM on Cropper Finance

We all love options. Farm and earn Yield.

Cropper allows not only farming but APR for just being a liquidity provider. Swap / Farm / Yield all in one place!